In New Delhi, India I lived a childhood surrounded by relatives on all sides. It seems that everyone knew everybody. Yet in my times of need, all those known faces never helped. Instead, strangers showed me kindness.

It was my family’s tenant who first rescued me from my abusive parents. Later in life, Nancy Volkman—a professor at TAMU—mentored me without asking. I am not listing all, but many more strangers were godsend in my life.

I believe in karma; I trust that what I put out in the universe will come back to me.

In New Delhi, I used volunteer at blind schools. For years on weekends, I helped in the computer lab of The Blind Relief Association. Subsequently after work in the evenings, I taught at the Schools For Blind.

In US somehow, I still haven’t contacted the blind schools, but I found other places.

In June 2015, I volunteered my services to San Mateo County Fair Literary Contest. Nowadays I volunteer at South Bay Writers (branch of California Writers Club), and at the HOA of my residential community.

Still, I am always on lookout for more volunteering opportunities.


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