I moved to US in two 32-inch suitcases and one bulky carry-on. Since then every wall I encountered was cream/beige in color; window shades were always white pull-down; floors were always covered with beige carpets. Every place I rented was managed by some cooperation.

I was just another nameless tenant.

Life progressed. We bought our first house. A corporation also manages my new abode; only difference is that I know the name and phone number of this corporation.

I am not nameless any more.

I can voice my concerns and idea to the corporation, but they don’t have time for the nitty-gritty. I started attending the Homeowner Association meetings. I saw that my concerns were heard but nothing came of them.

I do not want to be nameless anymore.

I took an initiative and wrote/published a newsletter. It took more than 7 months to come to fruition. And I am proud of my effort.

I don’t have any background in designing and writing a newsletter. So, I am open to suggestions.


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