When I was younger, going to high-school in New Delhi, we used to a play a game: Love, hate, adore, and admire. I find that saying love and hate rolls of my tongue easily. I thought of exploring these feelings. This is my take one.

Love a four letter word.

Love a four-letter word


Oh! How I love winter,

beautiful landscapes.


Oh! How I love summer,

blossoming flowers.


Oh! How I love having a car,

bye-bye public transport.


Oh! How I love Facebook,

connecting with friends.


Oh! How I love living in city,

cultural hub.


Oh! How I love suburbia,

free parking!


Oh! How I love America,

freedom and more freedom.


Oh! How I love growing old,

having savings.


Oh! How I love Me,

I am never alone.


Oh! How I love alcohol,

I can be loose.


Oh! How I love soft toys,

joys without the child, joys of a child.


Oh! How I love Google,

life is easy.


Oh! How I love strong women,

my role models.


Oh! How I love nature,

no faking.


Oh! How I love indoor plants,

no need for flowers.


Oh! How I love washer-dryer,

no need of sun.


Oh! How I love suburban house,

no noisy neighbors.


Oh! How I love Arab spring,

people’s revolution.


Oh! How I love being a woman,

so many possibilities.


Oh! How I love reality television,

so un-real.


Oh! How I love documentaries,

summaries without effort.


Oh! How I love my lover,

unconditional support.


Oh! How I love apartment living,

no more mowing the lawn.


Oh! How I love being young,

world is my oyster.


Oh! How I love,




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