I detest using the word hate. It has such strong implications. Yes, I know that detest is the synonym of hate, but still detest is somehow softer. I promise myself that this is the last time I will use hate. I hope that saying it again and again will get it out of my system.

This experiment is the opposite of ‘Love a four letter word.’

Hate is a strong word.

Hate is a strong word, but still


I hate being underdog,

no respect.


I hate Facebook,

addictively waste of time.


I hate abbreviated SMS text,

just give me a dictionary.



I hate being poor,

need I say more?


I hate not having sex,

momentarily pleasure.


I hate spring,

bouts of allergies.


I hate spring mattress,

creaking and springing.


I hate shrieking child,

disturbing The Silence of the Lambs.


I hate social functions,

mundane conversation.


I hate living in city,

expensive and high crime rate.


I hate washer-dryer,

high electric bill.


I hate apartment living,

noisy neighbors.


I hate alcohol,

I can’t drive.


I hate messy closets,

what a mess!


I hate reality television,

nonsense and more nonsense,


I hate my lover,

always keeping secretes.


I hate women sniggering,

idiots; I am hot!


I hate being old,

joint pains.


I hate having a car,

maintenance and insurance.


I hate having sex,

momentarily pleasure.


I hate Sarah Palin Going Rouge,

need I say more?


I hate cracked feet,

always tearing my tights.


I hate unpunctually,

never ending wait.


I hate suburbia,



I hate being young,

no money.


I hate growing old,

anti-aging routine.


I hate being a woman,

always searching for toilets.


I hate winter,

dreadful cold.


I hate people honking,

please save my ears.


I hate my sister’s ‘I love you’

too little too late.


I hate Technology,

no escape ever.


I hate Hosni Mubarak,

Tyrant; give them freedom.


I hate Bashar al-Assad,

Tyrant; stop butchering.


I hate Google,

what about my privacy.


I hate summer,

work for a beach body.


I hate,hating.


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