I am not in the mood to write anything because, today it is 7 years, 14 days since I last visited New Delhi. I miss it every day. I am unsure what I miss. Probably the food, people, roadside tea seller, roadside Dhabbas, or roadside chaat. I just miss everything. I miss window-shopping at Connaught Place. I miss the hawkers yelling for me in Palika Bazaar. I miss price haggling in Sarojini Nagar Market. I miss shopping in Dilli Haat.

cng auto

I don’t know what New Delhi looks like now. Is the smog thicker? Or has CNG autos has made a difference? Are the auto rickshaws guys still haggling and saying, “I am not going in that direction.” Does Delhi still have blue-line and DTC buses? Is the metro really connecting Delhi?

Is Lajpat Nagar market still so crowded that walking/ breathing is a nightmare. Are Coffee Day and Barista still there? Can young people afford to drink coffee and watch movies in multiplexes? I never could. Is the construction in front of Ansal Plaza completed? Is the music palace and Hutch still in Ansal Plaza? Or they are bought by some other multi cooperation? Ansal Plaza was my second favorite place.

delhi traffic

I have so many questions. I hope that one day I will go to Delhi. I am sure I will cry at the airport. I cry when I watch Delhi in Indian movies. In fact, I watch Hindi movies only so I can see New Delhi in the background. I don’t care about the story or the actors; I just care about Delhi in the background.


Today I saw the movie Agent Vinod, and I cried my eyes red with every scene of Delhi.  It seems New Delhi now has metro, and red color buses! But rest seems the same. I am waiting for my time to meet New Delhi again.


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