Last week I heard a poem on open-mic that I absolutely loved. I asked the author—Jerry [Gerald] Heinen, to share his poem. Please, enjoy.




By Gerald Heinen

The enormous selection of over the counter pills for all ones’ ills goes on and on.

A salon of medicine for this and that – to treat headaches, insomnia, or being scratched by a Tabby cat.

A pill to lose weight because of everything you ate, but no pill to get you through a blind date.

A pill to keep you awake, and one to combat a stomach ache.

For colds and flues – Nyquil for sneezing or a runny nose to diminish the number of blows so it doesn’t look like a red rose.  Sudafed for sinus pain in your head to send you straight to bed, and Theraflu.  Which one’s for you?  Alka Seltzer if you prefer, but nothing to help one be an entrepreneur.

Pills to kill chills and numerous other ills from hangnails, infections for nose rings, but no pill to help you sing or orate like Martin Luther King.

Pills to help you sleep without a peep.

The pharmaceuticals claim a pill for everything, but there’s no pill to help one switch from left to right wing – or vice versa, but many pills for inflamed Bursa.

No pills to help one like Broccoli or peas, but pills for motion sickness to tolerate the open seas.

Medications to help one to quit smoking, but no pills to prevent choking an unreasonable spouse while living with them in the same house.

Lotions for dry skin, but none for a double chin.

Lozenges for sore throats, but nothing to help write musical notes.

Medicines for arthritis and Bronchitis, but nothing to unite us.

And herbal medicines to help one concentrate to possible chose the best candidate – for the president of The United States, but no pills to tell us who to elect and what will be the side effects?

Clinton Trump Sanders Cruz



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