“You want a drink?” says Elianna flipping her hair to the left side of her neck.

The boy sits on the sofa and continues to state at the television.

She opens the mini-fridge and says, “Baaaby. . . do you want a beer?”

The boy stares at the flicking images’ his fingers rhythmically drum the up-key of the TV remote.

She opens a beer can, takes a gulp, and flops down on top of the bed. “OK.”

The boy surfs from one channel to the other without a moment break.

Elianna turns to lay on her belly and raises her upper body to rest her head on her elbows. “Hey, I haven’t seen this crap for a long time.”

The boy sinks further down on the sofa. “How can you not, you do it all the time”

“Huh.” She lights a joint and extends it to the boy. “What?”

Images from the television flicker across the boy’s face. He increases the volume.

 “Did you say something?” Elianna rolls over to her back; she takes a deep inhale and blows smoke rings at the ceiling.

The boy mummers. “Nothing”

“No.” Elianna sits at the edge of the bed. Her feet dangle inches above the faded carpet. “No . . . you mumbled something.”

“I said nothing”

“No, no–” Elianna stands, “–I am sure you said something about me”

“If you know . . . why are you asking?”

She snatches the TV remote and reduces the volume. “We are talking.”

The boy tries to get back the remote.

“What is it?” She waves the remote in the air and says, “Are you listening”

“I don’t want to discuss anything.”

“Discuss what?”


“Did I miss something? All I asked is if you want to have a beer. And boom, we are having a discussion about not discussing.”

“What’s wrong with a discussion, we never discuss anything. We just make out whenever you want.”


“First, why are we discussing about discussing anything. Second, we came here to escape discussions.” Elianna sits on the sofa at arm’s length from the boy. She takes a deep inhale of the joint and throws the remote at the boy. “Discussions about cost, discussions about term papers, discussions about reading assignments, discussions about grades. God. what’s wrong with you?” she moves closer to the boy. “Inhale some and let’s make out. Everyone around us is doing that. Why do you think the whole campus is here in Cancun?  Huh, light flash, to have uninterrupted SEX.”

The boy picks up the remote and glances at Elianna. “You always do that.”

“Do what?”

“Turn things your way”

“I don’t turn things my way. What is your problem?”

The boy stares at the television and turns up the volume. “I don’t know what I thought.”


“Nothing. Let me watch. I am not as blessed as you have my parents pay for room and TV.”

“So you came here to watch this. . .This Judge Judy show.” Elianna laughs and blows smoke rings in the air. “As if you are a middle-aged housewife.”

“That is the only honest thing around here.” The boy stands and starts throwing Elianna’s clothes in a suitcase. “I think you should move to another room.” He looks at her and says, “It will be for the best.”

Elianna stands and puts her right hand on the boy’s left shoulder. “Babbby, don’t be like this.” She ruffles his hair, “What is this about? We were fine during the lunch buffet.”

The boy continues to throw her things in the suitcase.

She takes a deep inhale of her joint. “Is it because I was hanging out with Suresh?” She slaps her forehead in frustration. “I don’t like him either . . .he is in Coding 201 with me” She grips the boy’s wrist and says, “His head so much up Dr. Subrmathy’s ass that I need to be his best friend.”

The boy pushes her away to continue packing her things.

Elianna laughs loudly. “This can’t be about Suresh. He is an ass.” She grabs the boy’s chin and forces him to face her. “What’s the problem?”


“No. No. It is something . . .you are packing my things . . . what the hell.”

“I thought we would be a couple. I don’t feel like we are a couple. You are always with your friends . . . you come to the room to change clothes and mess-up my things.” He zips the suitcase. “We had more sex on campus. Now—” He points to the beach outside, “–you are always tired. and who gets tired during spring break.”

“You are seriously nuts . . . I am always with you. And excuse me . . . what fancy things of yours did I mess up? I don’t do boy toys.”

“You used my razor.”

“I did not.”

“I know you did.”

“Are you a psychic?” She stubs her joint. “Or are you a pervert with a hidden camera in the bathroom . . .”

“I am not a pervert.”

“Okay. You just said that we are a couple. So that means I can use your razor.”

The boy gets the razor from the bathroom sink, waves it in front of Elianna’s face, and says, “Ha. So you agree that you used my razor.”

“I didn’t say that I did. I said that what if I did as we are a couple.”

“See you are doing it again.”

“Doing what again?”

“Turning things your way. You have changed. You have changed since we came here. No, no, actually since we left campus.” The boy starts to wheel the suitcase. “I think you should move to anther room.”

“We are here only one more night. Please stop this. I haven’t changed . . . I am still the same girl you love.” Elianna caresses his face. “I am sorry about your razor; I will buy you another one.”


“That is the one thing you can’t buy. It is a gift from my father.” The slums on the sofa. “And you promised.”


“You promised.” The boy picks up the remote. “You promised that we are exclusive. I haven’t looked at another girl. And you know that there are so many . . . ready and eager.”

She mutters under her breath. “As if any would give you a second glance, you geek.” She says, “I did not look at another boy.”

“Yeah sure. . . I know that is not true.”

“So why are we discussing others. You didn’t look at another girl and I didn’t look at another boy.” She lights another r joint. “So what is the fking problem.”

The boy snatches the joint from her hand and says, “I saw the two of you kissing.” He leans back on the sofa and crosses his legs. “You and that Suresh.”

“You are deranged. How could you see us kissing? Man . . . I don’t even like him. He smells bad.”

“I saw the two of you kissing near the bushes.”

She quietly says, as if to remind herself, “Near the bushes.”

“Yes. Near the bushes. And I have a picture to prove it.”

She sits on the coffee table and hides her face in her palms. “It was just one time. You will delete the picture, right? I promise I will do whatever you want.”

The boy continues to smoke the joint. The TV blares in the background.

“You wouldn’t tell anyone, would you?”

“One click and the whole campus will see you with the married-with-two-children- Suresh.”

She starts sobbing.

Russel blows the smoke on the girl’s face. “Not only that, I will also share the picture of you and Connie kissing and touching each other’s breast.” He kicks the suitcase with his foot. “Connie is in the second from last room on the lower floor.” He starts to laugh.


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