For past three plus weeks, I have waited for San Mateo County Fair Fine Arts Galleria to update their website, so I can publish this post. But I am bored of waiting, so here I go. . .

On Monday, as I huffed-and-puffed on a treadmill, I received a phone call from Bardi Rosman Koodrin–Literary Director of the Literary Stage in the Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County Fair. In years earlier, I had communicated with Bardi via email when I volunteered for the fair; I met her once in ’15 when I attended the fair. We are not pals who call each other.

It took me few moments to place her. It was strange to get a call from her. I head ran through reasons as I tried to figure-out the purpose of her call. What could I have done for her to call me? Or what does she want from me?

She clarified that she was “personally calling all the winners” of this year literary contest.

This year I had submitted four pieces to the contest. And three of my pieces were awarded. “My dear Hanuman” got third place in the Poetry, Free Form Poem category. “No More Political News” got a third place in the Best Blog category. And “A Distant Memory” received second place in Personal Memoir category.

I am happy and encouraged to keep on wring further. Thank you San Mateo County Literary Fair judges!

Update: Finally, they have the complete list of 2017 San Mateo County Fair Literary Contest Winners.


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