Couple of days after I reached my spa-cation destination at Niraamaya Retreats in Kovalma, Kerala, India, my cousin-friend who lives in New York but has business offices in India asked me, “Has India changed?”

It is more than twelve years since I have lived and tackled India by myself. Of course, I know that I am not ‘living and tackling’ the real India. That I am living in a protected bubble. But then experiences are experiences even if they are inside a bubble.

Everyday I add to an essay that tries to answer my cousin’s question. Today it is my tenth day here but my essay is nowhere its conclusion. Because I find that every time I think I have covered all the aspects of India, I learn something new.

So I decided that instead of writing a tremendously lengthy diatribe, I will divide my thoughts into different small posts that will (I hope that it should) deal with all the different aspects of changing or standing-still India.


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