A month or so ago, I told my husband that I wanted time-off our household and him and my-doing-something-all-the-time-life. He didn’t question me with a ‘why.’ He accepted my need. He immediately searched for a perfect place for me. Once he figure-out the ‘where.’ His only asked, “For how long?”

The place he chose is the kind of place I would have never dream of staying at even five years ago. My immediate concern was the cost involved. He told me not to worry and just go for the vacation.

For last ten days, I have mostly not worried about anything. I feel taken care of. I feel rested. I feel in tuned with nature. I feel far from the worries of life.

For last ten days, I tried new foods. (I eat only at the retreat’s resultant.) I had Ayurveda spa treatments. I sunbathe. I connected with nature. I didn’t read news. I didn’t watch TV. I didn’t do my makeup. I didn’t style my hair.

But now . . .

Husband and me before my spa-cation

I MISS HOME. I miss my husband. I miss clean germ-free America. I miss driving my car. I miss my boiled tasteless food preparation. I miss my pretty makeup-ed face and styled hair. I miss my gym. I miss everything.

I am ready to come home.


One thought on “It’s true: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  1. Come back a new Sheena. I took such a retreat for a month like this – away from family and friends…and most importantly away from the News! I found a lot of my frustrations included the News as a catalyst. So much fear mongering and sensationalism.


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