I never believe people who say that they don’t want gifts. I don’t understand what is there not to like about a gift? Someone thought of you enough to spend their money and time to buy you a gift. Embrace it. Be happy.

Obviously, I don’t get any stuff from my family, as I don’t talk to them. Whenever I traveled, I bought gifts for my friends. I didn’t gift because I wanted thanks. I got them because I felt like it. Unfortunately, I never saw any of my friends ever use the things I bought for them. (There is an exception, my girlfriend Jolly in New Delhi.) Of course, none of my friends EVER returned the favor.  So I stopped buying things for friends.

I am not deprived of stuff. My husband fulfills my desires for gifts; sometimes I get overwhelmed. And embarrassed. But I never say no. Who says no to a gift?

For the first time, I got a gift from a stranger. My husband younger brother’s friend visited the US for her daughter’s marriage, and she got things for me. Ideally, the things are for us and our home. But I believe they are for me.

I am happy.

I don’t know this person. I doubt I will ever meet her. I doubt she will ever read this post. Nevertheless, I am very touched.

Thank you, stranger, you made me feel important. I will continue the gift-giving cycle and gift my friend’s things because I want to.


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