I like to wear good clothes and have nice things. People assume that I shop all the time. Actually, I see shopping as a necessary chore. It is something which needs to be done. And I can only rely on myself to make the best decisions.

This year, I needed to overhaul my wardrobe and electronics. So, along with the rest of America, I waited for after Thanksgiving discounts. Oh, I am too lazy to shop on Thursday or on Black Friday. I shopped on Saturday and Sunday.

I bought so many clothes that I am done of years. I think! But as a female, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Right now, I am so tired of shopping that I can’t even look at things anymore. I don’t want to enter another store. I don’t want to hear the words Black Friday, Discounts, and Cyber Monday. I am tempted to unsubscribe from all promotional emails.

It will take days to sort out all the receipts and the returns. It will take even longer to pay for all the stuff. It will take even longer to wash or dry-clean everything.

On the other hand, I want to sleep surrounded by all my new dresses.


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