After months of to-and-fro with the editors, my two stories: “Hope Under My Pillow” and “A Snail-Pace Race” are published in the Fault Zone: Uplift. I attended the launch party, posed with the book with my name in print, and hugged the editor who helped edit my work.

With the editor Laurel Anne Hill

For me, this is something that I didn’t plan. I never contemplated writing fiction, as I have zero imagination for making stories. I am not a good liar; I am not a quick thinker. When people say shit to me, I never have snappy comebacks. I am not good a weaving tales.

More than a year ago, I took a writing class which requited fiction reading and writing. That the class helped me, but mostly it the professor who taught the class encouraged me. I don’t have the best experience with UCBE professors. Especially in online classes. They judged my writing and me even before reading my work. An Indian name somehow gives them the license to peg me as a bad writer.

I am published in Fault Zone: Uplift

Alison Heney is different. She encouraged me to explore writing about different things. She let me color outside the lines. Her feedback was amazing. But most of all, she never judged. I credit her for my start in fiction writing.

Alison Heney this is for you. I hope you read the stories.


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