I volunteer at this place where I work with two other people. Both are men. One is nice, but the other is a giant a**hole.

He is the one who keeps on trying to touch me. And he the one who keeps on taking credit for all my work. He is one of those people who looks for validation in his volunteer work. he volunteers because he is looking for a pat on the back. Worst, whenever some project gets on track, he sends an email with “Great work team.” He so condescending.

I have four draft blog-posts sitting in my folder, but I am not getting any time to finish them. because every writing moment I am writing stuff for my volunteer work. I just spent more than six hours re-writing a parking policy. And guess what, tomorrow he will take credit for my work. and send me a message, “great work team!”

You know why we women can’t break the glass ceiling? Because we get stuck behind these giant a**holes who take all our credit and self-appoint themselves as our boss.

I am tempted to email this link. But my husband will not approve of my actions. So, if any of you readers know this person, just send him this link.


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