It is ten years since I completed the Master of Landscape Architecture at Texas A & M at College Station, TX and moved to Bay Area California. It feels like a lifetime ago, as though in 2008 I was an adult-child and now I am a full adult.

Ten years, I sniggered at the thought of doing yoga. And now, without yoga, my limbs refuse to move.

Ten years ago, I weighed eighty pounds and would vomit up all my meals due to emotional stress. Now, of course, I weight way-way more. And I’m the epitome of mental health. Okay, I agree, I’m not totally there, but I’m calmer than ever. For the most part, I’m able to walk away from emotionally taxing situations.

OMG. I was really thin . . .With my classmates (5 Caucasian men) at Denver airport in 2006.

Ten years ago, old age happened to others. And now, I’m the one racing towards the finishing line.

Ten years ago, I smoked like a chimney and I laughed at the absurdity of eyelash curlers and designer crap. And now, I don’t smoke or consume caffeine. I drink only herbal teas and extra-extra strong cocktails. Even though I contribute a lot to the economy, I have not yet turned into a materialistic person. Fingers crossed.

Ten years ago, I wanted to age gracefully. And now, I just don’t want to age.

Ten years ago, Bernard Madoff screwed America. And now, America is getting roasted by the man who wants to be the lifelong president of our land.

Ten years ago, I started my shoe collection—cute flats in blues and greens and reds with buckles and bows and straps. And now, I have to wear sturdy balanced shoes that fit the arch support insoles.

My last time at TAMU in 2008. I want to hug the young me in the picture and tell her that life will be alright, just hang in.

Ten years ago, I couldn’t carry a liter of Dasani without wincing. My arms looked like two unburned matchsticks; my knees cracked whenever I got up from the toilet seat. Almost ten years ago, I joined my first gym—Planet Fitness for ten dollars a month. First time I used a treadmill, I couldn’t move for a week. And now, I can lift two fifty-pounds bags from the luggage carrousel. I feel good and strong. Of course, the gym cost way-way more.

Ten years ago, I started following American politics. And now, I can’t wait to cast my vote.


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