Years ago, news articles informed me about trolls. Shocking. Do people really have that much time? It could never happen to me; I was not out there on social media sharing my stuff.

Over the years, I saw trolls in action, trolling and abusing and creating havoc on websites and blogs of all kinds. How can humans be so vicious to a stranger? Really, who had that much time. I could barely get my life-things done. And it could never happen to me; I was too obscure and small potatoes for trolls.

Two weeks ago, a troll visited my website. And it was not a stranger. It was a person I had met multiple times at my writers’ club. A human I had interacted with many times. A man who has my phone number.

I was not angry or hurt or afraid or disappointed. I was irritated as it was another nonsense I needed to deal with. As it is life has its own challenges.

I was surprised at the vitriol. Seriously. He came to my website and told me to “shut up” and to stop writing about me and informed that “who wants to read it.” I read his comments, laughed, deleted his garbage, blocked him, and continued living my life.

I live peacefully and I am not an asshole to people. I write whatever and when I feel like writing. I pay for this space to share thoughts. I am happy when people read my stuff, as it motivates me to write more. I take criticism well, as it helps me improve.

But I don’t like meaningless nonsense. I don’t appreciate people who try to drag me down.

So, Mr. Troll, if you don’t like to read my spiel, don’t click on the link, just unsubscribe me. If you are a better writer than me, write something. If you have something nasty to say, have balls to say it to my face. And if you have too much time on your hands, find a hobby or volunteer or binge watch Netflix.

Do something positive. It will uplift you and (probably) make you a better person.

2 thoughts on “Hello Troll, I am Not Afraid of You

  1. So nice to see someone taking the time to take on a stalker. Most people just block the person. I appreciate your tenacity to confront the person publically. You set an example for people to follow. A hurrah for you.


    • Ellen, I find that we woman tend to just remove our self from situations. We avoid confronting these bullies, so as not aggravate them. Because we always carry the blame. I just had enough of these asses.


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