Even when I’m baited into conversations, I refuse to discuss politics, as I believe that every side has their reasons. And the only way to get change is by doing something like volunteering for a cause or by voting your preference. But the Christine Blasey Ford issue is more than a political issue. It’s old white men vs all women issue.

As a youngster growing up in India, I’d this idea of America sold by Hollywood movies and TV shows. That being a woman in America was easier, as unlike in India, women were equal to men. They drove trucks, flew planes, managed multinational companies, and did everything a man did. American women weren’t groomed since childhood to become only wives and mothers. They aspired to be more, they were free to decide their own destiny.

Living in America over the years, a lot of my views about America are altered. America—the most powerful county in the world, never had a woman governing the country. The so-called 3rd world countries like India and Pakistan had Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto.

And in America, in the year 2018—age of Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, free online software, cloud storage, Project Gutenberg, kindle, live streaming, electric cars, drones, MeToo movement, Catholic Priest Scandal—a group of old white men looked down and judged a fifty-year woman who has two Masters degrees and a PhD.

All white men looking down on a woman.

These old white men hid behind another woman’s skirt to cover the fact that they are emotionally stunted assholes.

Years ago, I would say that only men, who never had to fear rape or sexual assault would say that a victimized woman can’t be sure and can’t recall the details. But then all the world heard the stories of brave men who described their sexual assaults.

I think people assault others because they can.

I was baffled at the absurdity of Foster Friess when he said, “In my day, ‘gals’ put aspirin ‘between their knees’ for contraception.”

Excusing that saying “grab them by the pussy” is “locker-room talk” is same as Sandusky saying that molesting boys in the locker-room was “horseplay.”

All this and telling a woman that her memory is faulty because the incident was some thirty-six years ago, is a very republican party male senator statement.

A victim never forgets.

As of right now, I’m judging every member of the Republican party and everyone who voted for these Republican senators.

I’m so pissed and bothered by all this. Imagine if this happens in America, what happens in Syria?

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